Heather H. 

I absolutely love your home!! You have decorated it beautifully and it looks so comfortable

Ali C.

Wow!! It is lovely!!

Bryan C.

You have crafted individual areas that flow very
well into each other. Well-appointed with personal keepsakes and an excellent use of color and light. I love it!

Lynn V.

So nice and cozy ♥

Rot M.

Gorgeous place to quarantine in

Phoebe T.

It’s lovely and inviting. The fireplace is stunning.

Jeff C.

Everything looks Amazing.

Joel C.

(Your mom) was a special lady. And you are a fine man. And your decorating style is out of this world! OMG… come down and help me

Diane V.

Beautiful and nice and cozy

Kenny M.


Ricardo R.

The house looks gorgeous! You really have good taste…

Charlene G.

Andy, I love your home. Billie in every corner of the room

Erica Z.

That is lovely! What a blessing your surroundings are

Harriet L.

Very cheerful and cute

Jayne C.

Amazing. So much personality

Carole K.

That looks amazing!!

Kerry F.

You’ve made it look so beautiful and colorful…. Wonderful

Delores B.

Your design is golden!

Lynette H.

Its wonderful! Really caught my eye

Brenda S.

Love your space

Cassandra R.

So cute! Great job!!! I know this took lots of work and planning!

Michelle F.

This looks original and resourceful…I wanna come sit with you, take pictures and do that in my space!

Beck V.

It’s just so inspiring and wonderful! Thank you!

Cynde H.

You know what I love? You made the best with what you have, and it turned out amazing! That shows character and your creativity shines through! I love it!

Suzy R.

That is both so fun and gorgeous!

Diana H.

Love your corner of the world

Donna F.

Very nice and a little funky

Deby S.

Wow, picture perfect! Love it!

Ruthann C.

I love what you did to the whole area its adorable

Tracy M.

So quirky and individual. I love it!

Lynda B.

Love it! What an inviting place to hang out!!!