2019 was a pivotal year in my life. My mother Billie passed, and I left my job of 12 years. I also celebrated the big 50! I decided if I didn’t do what I wanted to do now; it was never going to happen.

I never realized how hard losing my mom would hit me. I longed to merge my love of art and décor with the love we had of shopping together. She always managed to find the most unique items.  We did a lot of shopping together, whether in Chicago or Holland, Michigan or Mexico – whenever we were together, we spent the day shopping.

After several years of answering to executives, I decided to follow my dream of opening my own shop. I often played entrepreneur as a child. While other kids were content with their lemonade stands, I had a fortune cookie stand. I made my own cookies and typed the fortunes myself.

The concept for my shop, Andy’s Art, Antiques & Oddities was born.
I chose to use “Andy” since that’s what my mother called me.

My mission: to procure the most interesting and unique art and furnishings for the home that invoke a feeling of happiness, comfort, or curiosity. If you’re unsure about which pieces will work best in your space, I gladly offer consultation.  If I don’t have it, I’ll keep an eye out for that special piece you are hoping to find.

If mom was alive today, she would be so excited about the new chapter in my life and the opening of Andy’s Art, Antique’s & Oddities. I have no doubt she would be involved in many facets of the business. 

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to my shop!Andrew A. Johnston